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TCG Publishing Presents:

The Caregiver`s Gumbo Book Series

“ We are all in the care-giving business: those who have been a caregiver, those who are caregivers, those who will be a caregiver, and those who will need a caregiver. “

-Nadine Roberts Cornish


A Family Legacy Cookbook by Family Caregivers


“Family recipes are legacies that should be shared.” @tcgcares

This cookbook is for caregivers, families, and adults over 18. Some recipes may require special equipment and ingredients, while other recipes will be easy-to-use and accessible for all cooking levels.

Recipes in My Gumbo, Book 4 in the The Caregiver’s Gumbo Book Series.

Food plays a more significant role than simply nourishing our bodies; its overarching impact is in the comfort that is provides.

It is no surprise many fond memories revolve around food, and how it connects us to a day, moment, or a particular time during the caregiving journey.

The recipes in this book will inspire, the stories will provide hope and healing, and add tears to your gumbo.

Recipes in My Gumbo is Book 4 in the Caregiver’s Gumbo Series and speaks to stories written by caregivers and recipes that served as comfort food for the soul. 

Tears In My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience is Book 1, Prayers In My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Peace is Book 2, Compassion in My Gumbo – The Caregiver’s Recipe for Journaling is Book 3 and the 4th Recipes in My Gumbo, – is a cookbook created by Nadine Roberts Cornish and Guest Chef, Lisa M. Givens. 

We suggest you review Books 1 and 2 to gain insight on the series and the types of stories that have made this heartwarming series a success. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Does it bring me joy to make this dish? 
Do I get a lot of compliments when I prepare this dish? 
Have other people requested the recipe? 
Is this one of my favorites? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, now think about your caregiving story. 
Is this a dish that brings the family together? 
Does it provide comfort to your loved one to help you make it or do they simply enjoy eating your offering?  How does caring for your loved one make you feel and how does food enhance those feelings?

Even if you’re uncertain, tell your story to the best of your ability and we will reach out with additional questions if needed. 

You will first complete a form of intention.  Once your form of intention is accepted, you will be provided a form to complete that will ask for all pertinent information, your caregiving story and your recipe. 

Your story cannot exceed 500 words.  Think about sharing the lessons you’ve learned as a caregiver, how your caregiving journey has transformed your life, where and how have you found peace in your journey?  Share a humorous story around caregiving, cooking or life with your loved one.  Ask Spirit to guide you in your sharing and let it flow.


Yes!  We do ask that you provide a photo of the dish with your submission, if at all possible.  Should your submission be accepted, the dish will be prepared by Chef Lisa Givens of Gourmet Away and professional photos will be taken of the dish.  We also ask that you provide a photo of you and your loved one.  We would like to have photos of our contributors to use in the book. 

If you are selected as a contributing author for this project, you will not receive any compensation or royalties for this project.  You will be given 3 cookbooks and will have the opportunity to purchase Cookbooks at a discounted price from TCG Publishing House. 

The Caregiver’s Gumbo Series is published by TCG Publishing House, an independent publisher.

TCG Publishing House.  Each contributing author retains the rights to use their individual works as they choose. 

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