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The Care giver`s Guardian

A Support and Wellness Haven For Family Caregivers.



The Caregiver`s Guardian

Family caregiving is rewarding. Yet, it can and will impact your health and wellbeing. The Caregiver’s Guardian (TCG) can help every family member learn about the unique challenges and stressors that family caregivers face and how they can be supported, managed, and resolved. At some point, most of us will be a caregiver or will need a caregiver. 

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At some point, most of us will be a caregiver or will need a caregiver.

Meet The Founder


Hello, I’m Nadine!

Why The Caregiver`s Guardian?

Caregiving was not the vision I had for my life.  I always say, “it chose me, I did not choose it”. Yet, I readily answered the call because I felt there was no one better equipped to care for my mother, than I. That 15-year journey laid the groundwork for what would become my life’s work.  My  personal caregiving journey was the training ground for the work I so readily and wholeheartedly do today.”

The greatest lesson that I’ve learned that I am humbled to share is the transformative nature of the caregiving experience.  Caregiving is intrinsically designed to change who you are.  It reshapes and molds you into a better version of yourself.  We spend most of the journey attempting to change the experience, palpably yearning for things to be different, the way it used to be.  As we move through the five steps of conscious caregiving, we come to understand Process, Acceptance, and Surrender.  We come to understand and embrace the importance of being present,  the gift of the moment, and the realization that the experience, sometimes undesired, becomes one of the greatest blessings of our lives.


Self Care is the Most Important Care