Acclaimed Author | Renowned Speaker | Gerontologist | Caregiver Coach.

Nadine is the founder of The Caregiver`s Guardian (TCG), a Denver Colorado-based consulting service dedicated to supporting, guiding, and advocating for the family caregiver. TCG provides training and coaching for caregivers and healthcare professionals on the importance of being active participants in the caregiving process. Nadine has an extensive background in public health education, including serving as a consultant to California’s Department of Health Services for 15-years. In this role, she provided expertise and guidance on many of California’s most innovative and award-winning social marketing and healthcare campaigns. Nadine’s most important role to date was as a 15-year caregiver to her mother, Elizabeth.


Nadine’s remarkable experiences catalyzed her inaugural book, “Tears in My Gumbo – The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience,” a heartfelt manuscript that speaks personally and passionately to the nation’s more than 60 million caregivers, and the people who care about them. Through a series of caregiver stories, the book illustrates the ingredients needed for caregivers to maintain resilience and create a soul-nurturing gumbo of care. Her recent book, Prayers in My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Peace, launched Summer 2020.


Nadine attended the University of New Orleans, where she studied Business Administration. In 2012, she attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where she earned a Professional Certification in Gerontology. Nadine is also a Certified Senior Advisor, Freedom Coach, and Elite Life Coach. She is the Co-Founder of The Sister’s Enterprise Master Mind (TSEMM) Group for black women business owners.


Nadine resides in Aurora, Colorado, and has been married for 21 years to Kevin Cornish, a Boulder County firefighter. She is the mother of poet and writer, Rodrick Freeman. Today, Nadine is passionate about her people, passionate about caregiving, and making a difference on purpose.



11/19 –  Keynote Speaker The Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence – Colorado

11/18 – Keynote Speaker (Virtual) – RIPIN Family Caregiver Conference – Rhode Island

10/15, 10/16  – Keynote Speaker (Virtual) – National Caregiver Conference – Philadelphia, PA

 5/15 – Keynote Speaker (Virtual) – 12th Annual Caregiver Conference – Colorado


05/19 – Boulder Caregiver’s Conference – Colorado

04/19  – Keynote Speaker- 30th Annual Alzheimer Association Rocky Mountain Conference On Dementia –

01/19 – Keynote Speaker – Women Creating Our Future Conference – Colorado


“ Check Out Nadine’s TEDx Talk: The 5 Steps of Conscience Caregiving.”

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